Who Done It? A Thin Blue Line Mystery

What to Expect

  • Number of Players Limit: 8
    Difficulty level: 7 out of 10
    Age Recommendation: 6+
      Things to know about this room:
    Lighting and sound effects
    Possible use of temporary restraints
    Uneven floor (appropriate footwear please!)
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Who Done It? A Thin Blue Line Mystery

As a police officer in the homicide division, you are dedicated to solving the difficult ones. You’re not just the average Joe. No, not the average Joe Friday, or even Joe Kenda. You’re better. You close all of your homicide cases.

But this one is a little different. The mayor’s only son and your family friend, Anson Cumberland, is murdered two days before the Mayoral election. Your squad is on the hook to solve this murder, but the Mayor is putting pressure on the governor to bring in the FBI and the National Guard.

During the morning briefing, you learn important evidence in the case is missing. Now everybody is headed your way demanding answers and a scapegoat. You must locate the evidence, isolate the suspects, establish motives, means, and opportunities, and quickly charge the guilty before the irate political mob gets to you.

So, yeah, this one is a little different. But you don’t have 48 hours to solve it. You only have 60 minutes.

Are you up to it? Are you ready for an adventure?


Room: Who done it

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Rebekah Hawk
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