Time Warp

What to Expect

  • Number of Players Limit: 8
    Difficulty level: 9 out of 10
    Age Recommendation: 6+
    Things to know about this room:
    Lighting and sound effects
    Possible flashing lights
    Close quarter
  • Physically Engaging 
    Uneven floor (appropriate footwear please!)
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Time Warp

Lady Clara Chadwick is sending an emergency message: Major Accident – The Professor’s Laboratory – Come Quick.

You soon learn that the brilliant Professor Harrington Rothchild was showing-off his new steam-powered Time Machine to his top PhD candidates, the Duchess Winifred Von Heisenberg and the stately Lord Rutherford Faraday. But he got a little heavy-handed with the steam valves again. Instead of gently folding the time-space continuum into a neat and smoothly transverseable wormhole, he kinked it horribly. Now everything is being sucked into a vortex, rapidly spinning out of control, and hurling towards a temporal event horizon.

With only about 60 minutes before everything – future, past, present - is sucked into oblivion, you and your crew must act fast. Board the Flying Dolphin (a Zephyr Class Submersible Steamship) and speed to the farthest reaches of the earth where you may just have a chance of countering the pull of the vortex. Use the Von Karman stabilizer to liberate any part of the universe you can salvage. Done correctly, you and your Steamship will be automatically transported back to “now”. But - Beware the Kraken sea monsters!

So, are you ready for a steampunk adventure?


Note there will be a special reward for you if you actually “Do The Time Warp Again” for us – come on, surely you know it –
“It’s just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right…”

Room: Time warp

"5 ***** Hands down one of my all time fav escape rooms I’ve been to. Rooms are so unique and creative. Challenging in a good way as well! i have done over thirty rooms and like i said this place is a special favorite. Owners are so nice and accommodating! My fav room out of all four is the Fly the Unfriendly Skies!"

Janine Barcewicz

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