International Wildlife Warden


What to Expect

  • Number of Players Limit: 8
    Difficulty level: 6.5 out of 10
    Age Recommendation: 6+
    Things to know about this room:
    Lighting and sound effects
    Very Family Friendly
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{This Game opens again 29 jan.} New Puzzles and New Animals To rescue!

International Wildlife Warden

You are part of an elite team of Wildlife Wardens that operate on a global scale - because that is where the threat exists. You help preserve the fauna of our great planet: fauna that is threatened and endangered more every day. Buying and selling of illegally obtained animals (or pieces of animals) is a Multi-Trillion dollar industry that includes far-flung interests (e.g.: “medicinal” poaching, smuggling exotics, illegal hunting, dog-fighting, and wild horse rustling to name a few).

Reliable informants indicate a major threat is looming. A rich black-market Cartel is almost ready to move a large shipment of captured animals – dead or alive. You know you must act immediately - save these animals before they are slaughtered or sold on the black market. And you know this too – the mission is dangerous. Nothing is sacred to these people. They will kill anything that gets in the way of their pursuit of profit.

So, we will get you into the Cartel’s lodge, but you will only have 60 minutes to figure out where you are, the breed and location of the animals, and free them. Then, if you are good enough, get out before the Cartel returns.

Are you today’s eco-hero?

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Room: International wildlife warden

"5 ***** Great time and awesome staff! The quest we completed was challenging, exciting, and exceeded our expectations! We will definitely be returning for another adventure!"

Emeric and Michelle Tate
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