Christmas Mischief

What to Expect

  • Number of Players Limit: 8
    Difficulty level: 7 out of 10
    Age Recommendation: 6+
    Things to know about this room:
    Lighting and sound effects
    Very Family Friendly
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{Seasonal Game Available Nov -  Jan.}

Christmas Mischief

Oh, Dear! Christmas Mischief abounds at the Petterson House.

Santa has done his part, delivered the goodies before hurrying on his rounds, when the resident elf on the shelf (Ernie) decided to show his wayward side. Ernie and his naughty pranks are infamous in the neighborhood. But this year he pulled a “Grinch”. He hid all the presents, mixed up the wish-lists, and absconded with the stocking stuffers.

Santa knows many elf on the shelf will go rogue this year and the potential for disappointed kiddies is high. Since he doesn’t have time to repeat each house, he needs your help as the local Cryptic Quest Quality Control (CQ-QC) team.

To complete your mission, you must untangle the wish-lists, find all the presents and socking stuffers, and restore them to the correct locations.

But you must hurry to restore the Christmas Spirit … the Pettersons will wake in one hour.

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